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Premium Reusable Cloth Nappies

Fudgey Pants premium reusable cloth nappies are designed to take you from birth to dry nights with one multi-functional great looking modern nappy.

Fudgey pants were designed by cloth nappy users for cloth nappy users. All the additional features below we added because we had issues with other cloth nappy brands that we knew could be improved.

Design Features

  • 3 in 1 design allowing for use as an AIO, AI2 or pocket nappy - Our preference is inside the pocket to allow for a more effective double gusset
  • Use from birth to dry nights (3kg - 18kg)
  • Double row of snaps to allow for a secure straight fit around the stomach and hips
  • Crossover front snaps allow for an even smaller fit for newborns
  • Double gusset to capture any poo explosions
  • Four hip snaps on each wing to prevent 'wing droop' when required
  • Waterproof lining at the front allows tummies to stay dry
  • Breathable (micro-perforated) Polyurethane laminated to PE fabric creates the Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) waterproof outer nappy shell to keeps wetness contained


Absorbency Features

  • Inbuilt triple-layer absorbency - This creates the AIO nappy for newborns
  1. First layer underneath the stay dry microsuede is a layer of microfiber to wick the moisture away quickly
  2. Second layer of absorbency is a layer of Bamboo as this absorbs quickly although has less absorbency than Hemp
  3. Last layer of absorbency is Hemp which is slowest to absorb but holds the greatest capacity
  • All additional absorbency snaps together into place:
    • Three options to purchase additional absorbency to allow you 13 different levels of absorbency combinations for any size weight or heavy/light wetters
    • Inserts snap into the nappy at the front to ensure the absorbency for boys is kept as close as possible to the top of the front of the nappy to minimise leaks
    • Boosters snap to the insert to keep the absorbency where it is required
      • No more lost pairs when washing keep the insert and booster snapped together
      • Half the speed of hanging inserts up to dry with the pairs snapped together


*Recommended weight range is 3kg - 18kg, not all babies are the same shape and size - these nappies are one size fits most.



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