Ask us for a WINZ Quote

Cloth nappies can save you thousands!

Fudgey Pants are a Registered Supplier with Work and Income NZ.

For a WINZ quote, please email us at

We are able to provide WINZ with a quote for cloth nappies which you may be able to obtain under a Special Needs Grant or a Recoverable Assistance Payment Grant.

If you are already a WINZ client contact your case manager, if not, see their website for more information. 

We have one of the most flexible range of cloth nappy options that would suit all babies/toddlers from prefolds or flats with covers, AIO nappies AI2 and our 3n1 nappies, birth to potty packs and reusable baby wipes, wetbags and more.

Please ask us, we can give you guidance around wash routines, and how many cloth nappies do you need, to make it simple for you. 

Approval is based on individual circumstances and the final decision lies with WINZ.