About Us

We established the Fudgey Pants brand under the company No Other World (N.O.W) because we believe the time to act is now and we don't have other world after we fill this one with our waste.

Did you know? One baby wearing disposable nappies full-time, creates on average 1-3 tonnes of landfill per-year before the childistoilet trained and costs approximately $2600. This landfill takes over 500 years to decompose. Make a difference and switch to modern cloth nappies today!

Established 2017 in Auckland New Zealand, Fudgey Pants are fun, fresh and modern.Our products are 100% New Zealand owned and designed. No Other World (N.O.W) are deeply passionate about conserving our environment by reducing landfill and producing the best quality cloth nappies and accessories.

Fudgey Pants aim to be your total nappy solution from birth to potty (starting at approximately 3kg through to 16kg). For a small baby, simply 'snap up' the nappy to the smallest size, adjusting the snaps to enlarge the nappy as baby grows and adding absorbency as required. Each nappy includes built in absorbency with a hemp microfiber insert, a smaller booster that snaps in plus a larger insert, both topped with a bamboo fleece.

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