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Cloth nappy cleaning

When it comes to cloth nappy cleaning the below info will keep you on track!

Best practices

  • Wash nappies and inserts once in a long delicates wash - Absorbency will increase over time with the natural fibres breaking down with the agitation of the wash and dry increasing the absorbency once the natural oils have depleted.
  • Our reusable nappy liners can be used to minimise handling/rinsing once soiled before washing, minimises stains and acts as a barrier between nappy creams and nappy which can reduce absorbency
  • Double pocket wet bags are recommended to carry clean unused nappies during the day with the additional pocket for containing soiled nappies/wipes/liners

Changing soiled nappies

  • Remove liner and shake off excess solids into toilet 
  • Never flush any nappy liner - even if they claim to be flushable 
  • If required cold water rinse - hold nappy under fast flowing laundry tap/sprayer to remove any soiling
  • Un-snap and remove inserts from pockets
  • Add to our Laundry Bag/dry pail/bucket - lid not recommended (smell can build up if nappies cannot breathe)


    Washing instructions
    Follow the wash care instructions below. These are also on the wash care label on the inside of the nappy.

    1. Always put nappies on a pre-wash with half the recommended detergent dose and fast spin speed first to loosen and remove as much soiling as possible before the main wash
    2. Machine programmes will vary - try to wash on long 2+ hour wash to ensure the warm water will allow the detergent to thoroughly clean - multiple rinse cycles within the programme are preferred
    • Use the correct amount of a good mainstream washing powder based on the laundry detergent instructions for load size - water hardness will vary by location which will require an adjusted amount of detergent
    • Wash in water temperatures 40°C to protect the life of the PUL
    • To help with drying times an extra spin cycle can be used.
    • Oil based products or fabric softeners will reduce the absorbency of the nappy and inserts
    • If fats and oils do build up over time an occasional strip wash can be used but not recommended
      • Never turn nappies inside out for washing or drying 
        • Turning the nappies inside will expose the PUL and increase the chances of damage to the waterproof lining 
        • The UV from sunlight will dramatically reduce the life of the PUL
      • Wash every 2-3 days dependent on load size 
        • alternatively, small loads put on rinse/spin cycle then back to dry pale until a full wash load becomes available unless you run out of clean nappies first
      • Optimum wash sizes - overloading the wash will prevent an effective wash as will a wash that is too small.
        • 5kg washing machine will take ~ 13 Fudgey Pants Cloth Nappies + inserts
        • 7kg washing machine will take ~ 17 Fudgey Pants Cloth Nappies + inserts

      If time permits dry in order of the following preference:

      1. Clothes Horse (recommended)  - inside/outside portable if the weather changes and no pegs needed
      2. Clothes line - peg nappy horizontally to minimise any elastic stretching 
      3. Tumble dryer - inserts or FITTEDS only on a low heat
      • We do not recommend drying the nappy shells in the dryer


      Please contact us if you have any questions around further advanced cloth nappy cleaning procedures.