Which cloth nappy?

Fudgey Pants Reusable Cloth Nappy Types 

Wow - we have so many different types of nappies to choose from... But which cloth nappy to choose? Firstly, there are so many cloth nappy types to choose and so many names and acronyms it can all be a little overwhelming. Lets start by clearing up the terminology here. 



Our flagship OSFM from 3kg up to 18kg nappy designed to take you from birth to toileting and beyond for overnights! Our unique Fudgey ORIGINALS 3'n'1 design incorporates an AIO for newborns, AI2 if you like the ease of snap and go and a pocket for those that prefer to stuff giving you the most cost-effective flexible approach to nappy your way. We designed these nappies on our two year old when no other nappy would work with our milk monster! These nappies really show their strength on children from 18mo to 4+yo, when most others are starting to fail.

Being a one size fits most to accomodate for the largest weight range size and the ability to have 3 additional inserts fit into the pocket givnig you a total of up to 18 layers of absorbency these can seem bulky on smaller babies - don't worry its not an issue, bulky nappies have been used for years to help remedy hip displasia, and its natural to have excess fabric as it has to go somewhere! :)

fudgey pants cloth nappy pack birth to potty complete

As these cloth nappies are the V8 of our nappies you can grab the best deals on our birth to potty complete packs.

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  Fitted Cloth Nappy

A completely absorbent nappy made only of natural fibres still in our classic 3n1 design so unlike other fitted nappies ours has additional absorbency built into the wet zone plus double leg gussets for extra protection and you can boost absorbency inside the pocket. These make the ultimate night nappy solution absorbent enough to fight the most thirsty of those teething babies! Often these periods of excessive wetting do not last that long! These are a more expensive option than the ORIGINALS as you need to purchase the nappy, additional inserts plus either a PUL outer cover to add the water proof layer, or a wool cover discussed further below.




Water proof PUL Cover

A water resistant nappy cover made from PUL suitable over our FITTEDS or can be used as a snap and wipe cover (AI2). The beauty of this means you can use the one shell multiple times before washing just replacing the absorbent insert for the value conscious.



Fudgey WOOLOVERSCloth Nappy Wool Cover

For the plastic conscious, wool covers are the perfect option to pair with the FITTEDS to complete the natural fiber nappy solution, 100% sustainable and wool has self cleaning properties meaning that they don't need to be washed after every use similar to the PULOVERS - simply hang to dry, and re lanolise every so often, made from 100% wool these are soft - warm - thermal regulating so comfy for baby and cute as shorts too! They come in three sizes small, medium and large but also stretch where required for your cloth bum. They are one of the more expensive options but also give extra security when you need it as they can provide another functional barrier over your cloth nappies at night instead of changing the sheets!



newborn nappy on baby

The Fudgey ORIGINALS shrunk down to newborn nappy size can be used as an all in one from newborn for up to 2 hours and still have a pocket should you need extra absorbency. Our customers have used these on their children from weight ranges between 2kg and up to 12kg! These are a great way to introduce yourself with a great fitting nappy that holds its value - as babies grow so quickly you may only need to use the new born nappies for 6-8 months before requiring to replace your stash with a larger set. Due to the fact these are only used for such a short time you can resell them for practically full price to refresh your stash. Because of the smaller size the hemp inserts are the only suitable insert for boosting due to the natural shrinkage after washing.


Fudgey TRIMS 

fudgey-pants-trims-vs-originalsTrim fit nappy plus snake insert

Stuffing directions for additional absorbency at the front
(ideal for boys)
Trim fit nappy Snaker folder for absorbency at front
Stuffing directions for additional absorbency at the back

Trim fit nappy with absorbency at the back







For those of you where price/value is not an issue these are what you need! think of these as the sleek Mazda MX-5 convertible without the performance of our ORIGINALS but perfect when its all about the look!

Our trim fit cloth nappy perfect for days when you need to "hide" that cloth bum booty under your babes clothes. These nappies have been simplified right down! Just the basics - double gussets, only 2 columns of rise snaps with 3 length adjustments, and only 3 hip snaps each side. Our basic pocket nappy with a single insert, you can't get much simpler than that.

Our fastest drying nappy no built in absorbency - perfect if you live in colder areas or higher humidity areas with your house behind a hill etc. or any where in your house where you just struggle to get your nappies dry. The 4 layer bamboo fiber only SNAKER insert is a combination of a snake and an anchor insert, which you can fold in half. thirds or practically any other way to get the absorbency where you need it, its design so it can be folded completely in half on the smallest rise snap setting giving you a thirsty 8 layers of bamboo whilst still having more absorbency at the front and back than a standard straight snake insert. Don't worry if the insert doesn't go completely from the front to the back - kids are normally up running around during the day so the wee ill stay in the crotch area!

Our largest weight range nappy from under 3kg with not one - but a two setting cross over snap, up to 22kg! How do we do this? not with the wings - we don't need to stretch our wings for an uncomfortable fit - forget the snap extenders! We have built them right into the nappy with an additional set of snaps each side of the snap belt along the front of the nappy, this adds a total extra of 4cm to the waist, whilst creating a firmer easier more comfortable fit for the smaller babies as the front snap belt wraps around the hips completely protecting any exposed wing snaps from sitting against babies skin. It also secures the nappy from any wing droop.


Shortly we'll go onto the comparison chart and absorbency options for all...