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Lanolising your WOOLOVER

When you first receive your new WOOLOVER you will need to prep it, this is done by lanolising it, we'll explain how below.

To start you will need 

  • Pure Lanolin
  • Wool wash or baby shampoo/wash
  • small glass jar
  • laundry tub
  • freshly washed WOOLOVER (no need to dry before lanolising)


  • Mix 1/2 tsp of lanolin (per cover) in a small jar of boiling water with a little squirt of wool wash or baby shampoo
  • Shake or stir until mixture is combined, it should turn milky in colour
  • Add mixture to a laundry tub of warm water (40c) and mix to combine
  • Submerge wool cover inside out and squeeze to distribute water
  • Leave untill water is cold
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and line dry flat in shade
  • Wash and lanolise every 3-4 weeks unless soiled.

Between uses air your WOOLOVER to keep it fresh, lanolin has fantasic antibacterial properties.