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Wet Bags

Wet Bags

wet bag
Now with strengthened YKK zips. We take our sustainable reusable wet bags to the next level against single-use plastic bags!

More than eco-friendly - by purchasing our recycled wet bags YOU are helping to reduce clothing waste from fast fashion as well as removing single-use plastic from the ecosystem.  


Creative Ways to Use a Reusable Wet Bag 

Have you ever sat and thought about how useful a wet bag is? Use it for much more than nappies, damp clothing, or wipes. 

  • One can never have enough reusable wet bags, and you can keep using them once your children have left home. Have one in every possible size, so that you don’t run out when you need it the most. 
  • Mums can use wet bags for breast or sanitary pads, swimming costumes, toiletries, snacks for a picnic, make-up, or small toys.   
  • Outdoor enthusiasts find wet bags handy for protecting their electronic devices, first-aid kits, and lightweight clothing, as it is waterproof and keep dust and dirt particles out. It is also ideal to use as a wallet, or for storing private documents in your house.   

You now probably have other ideas too. Expand your wet bag collection and share your ideas with your family and friends.


What You Should Know About a Reusable Nappy Bag

 The best way to reduce waste is to minimise the use of single-use items – and doing so will result in less pollution of the environment.  

  • People generally use our nappy bags to store nappies while they’re not home. The bag has a water-resistant lining, zips, and two pockets – to separate clean and used nappies, or whatever you plan to carry in the bag.      
  • Our reusable nappy bags come in various sizes and designs and have a snap handle for ease of carrying or attaching it to the side of your little one’s pram. 
  • To prevent unpleasant odours, ensure that you don’t keep used nappies in it for extended periods. Wash it in the washing machine and let it air-dry. It must be completely dry before you reuse it.  

Never go anywhere without your nappy wet bag. Use it for your essentials when your baby or toddler is not with you.   


Why Customers Should Use Fudgey Pants 

Before we established Fudgey Pants in Auckland in 2017, we developed our products for more than a year. Apart from reusable wet bags in NZ, we stock reusable cloth nappies, laundry bags, underwear, sleeved bibs, and more. 

We take pride in our unique all-in-one (AIO) nappy, which is a combination of three different types of nappies in one. It provides the best of all worlds – it provides protection and comfort for up to 14 hours and sets us apart in the market.

Help us to conserve the environment and consider Fudgey Pants. Our multi-purpose stock is selling fast. Contact us today for a wet bag or reusable nappy in your preferred design, and many more products and accessories.


Where to Find Multi-Purpose Wet Bags in NZ 

Take advantage of our premium brand wet bags in NZ, laundry bags, reusable cloth nappies, sleepwear, and much more. Mothers love our beautiful designs. As we have a passion for the environment, we aim to reduce, reuse, then recycle as far as possible. 


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