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Nappy Fastener

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Stretchy non-toxic plastic nappy fasteners, remove the risks associated with safety pins when using traditional flat nappies.

These come in one size and will fit any size baby.

Simply warm up the plastic slightly before application by stretching in all directions a few times this will help get a more secure fit.
Hold the flat nappy into position and with the other hand start by hooking one side of the "T" diaper fastener to one side of the nappy then the other size first leaving the bottom hook until last.
Once you hook the bottom it will create a "Y" shape with the force pulling it down, this is natural and OK, make sure the teeth have hooked into the fabric.

When not in use you can pull the loops over the teeth to reduce the risk of them catching anything or anyone.

Traditional nappies will require a cover over the flats once fastened. You can use our PULOVERS or WOOLOVERS after lanolising for this.

Great for smaller babies, do not use on children old enough to remove the Snappi.
Wash in warm water and do not dry in the sun to remove the risk of UV damage weakening the nappy fastener. Do not put the snapi through the washing machine.

Keep out of reach of children as these are not toys and always inspect before use as any breakage could cause a choking hazard.