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Fudgey TRIMS™ Pocket Nappy - Odonata

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Looking for a trim fit cloth nappy that is fast-drying in an easy pocket nappy style?


Fudgey TRIMS™ bring a new simple cloth nappy to the table, custom refined with fewer rise snaps and fewer hip snaps for faster fitting on those wriggly babies.

Fudgey TRIMS™ reusable nappies come with the following features:

  • A double row of snaps (Closer together for a finer adjustment)
  • 3 snaps on the wings 
  • Cross over snaps that allow OSFM fit from 3kg
  • Additional length in the wings and an extra set of waist snaps to fit up to 22kg
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained
  • Front pocket opening to avoid misalignment of the back pocket and to keep your hand away from the poo explosions when removing the insert
  • Double gusset to help prevent leaks and contain explosions
  • PUL tummy + stay dry covering the pocket sewn into place to ensure a secure fit
  • Great for both skinny and chunky leg babies

Our exclusive folding 4 layer bamboo SNAKER insert to remove the bulk, one insert required only that can fold how you like to keep the absorbency in the areas you need. More absorbency required in the front for boys flip the whole insert.

  • Shaped for extra absorbency at the back
  • Widening in the middle for when you fold in half keeping additional absorbency at the front.
  • Doubles in half for up to 8 layers of absorbency where you need it

These are perfect for day time nappies or daycare nappies as a simple solution.

Comes in all our usual designer prints, these will be your new best trim reusable nappy.