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Reusable Nappy Liners NZ

Be Kind to Baby and Nature with Our Reusable Nappy Liners in NZ 

At Fudgey Pants we care about bringing you natural solutions to everyday wastage such as our reusable nappy liners in NZ. Our cloth nappy liners in NZ is not only perfect for keeping baby dry, but also budget-friendly. Not even mentioning the numerous benefits we and our children can reap from less wastage in our environment. 

Benefits of Washable Nappy Liners

Once you have let us into your world of baby care, you will never have to flush any nappy liner down the loo again. From now on, you can save on your nappy costs, keep your baby dry and mother nature happy.

  • The statistics indicate that a single cloth nappy can eliminate the use of 400 disposable nappies. It means 400 fewer disposal nappies on a landfill somewhere on the face of the earth. We can’t afford living so frivolously and in complete ignorance of where our garbage is going. As parents, we have to protect nature for future generations, and it is why our nappy liners have so many parents across the continent excited. 
  • Our nappy liners keep your baby super dry as our design draws any kind of moisture away from your baby’s delicate bum. A dry bum is a protected bum against all sorts of nasty rashes and discomfort.
  • Our washable nappy liners in NZ is bridging the gap between the wastage of disposable nappies and the discomfort which cloth nappies can cause. It makes it easy to send a comfortable solution to your daycare without the hassle of carrying loads of cloth nappies with you. 

Related Services We Provide to Cloth Nappy Liners

We are all about providing gentle and trusted care with our wide product range of sustainable solutions in baby care in NZ. 

  • These solutions extend beyond our range of exciting and pretty washable cloth nappies as we also stock a range of reusable, washable sanitary pads and pantiliners. Not only are these sanitary products expensive to purchase on a monthly base, but they are also bad for our environment when they end up on landfill sites. Save money and still feel confident and fresh the whole day long. 
  • We also offer the most adorable sleepwear for the little ones. These garments are bright and cheerful and made of natural fibres. 
  • Our items are available in magnificent and vibrant prints to brighten up your day. It is probably why our laundry bags are so popular. The beautiful prints on them sure make wash day a little more cheerful.

About Fudgey Pants

We have invested more than a year in research and development before bringing our reusable care solutions to the NZ market. From our store in Onehunga, Auckland, we deliver your special orders across the country. Each parcel filled with only quality care items and a little bit of consideration for nature. 

Contact us to order your special delivery or maybe surprise someone else with this token of love.