Overnight Cloth Nappy

Our Overnight Cloth Nappy Will Make Your Life Easier

Our exceptional overnight cloth nappy is made for little ones weighing between 3kg and 16kg and merges two to three long-lasting, transformable nappies into one. Take a look at what we have to offer.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Our Overnight Pocket Nappy in NZ

We invented a flexible three-in-one (all-in-one or AIO), two-in-one (AI2), or pocket nappy in answer to your baby or toddler’s diaper needs.

  • Our functional cloth nappy shells are designed in NZ and can be used from birth until your tot has been fully potty-trained. They’re available in a wide variety of beautiful colours and different designer patterns. We cover soft micro-suede with breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminate polyester (PUL) to keep your infant dry overnight.
  • We provide faster drying four-layer micro-fibre and bamboo inserts, four-layer hemp and bamboo boosters for more absorbency, four-layer stay dry micro-suede and hemp plus five-layer hemp inserts for very heavy wetters. If you need stronger night-time absorbency, use the five-layer insert with our new Fudgey Fitted.
  • Our design features include a double row of snaps, a snap to keep the booster or insert in place, hip snaps to avoid “wing droop”, inherent permeability, a dual gusset to counteract seepages, and a waterproof lining in the front to ensure a dry belly.

Our inserts and boosters are available in small and large and can be combined with up to four additional inserts or nappy shells, depending on your baby’s needs. Simply adjust the crossover snaps in the front to make the nappy fit a smaller or larger size.

Fast Facts about Our Overnight Pocket Nappy in NZ

Fudgey Petites have the same features as the Originals but are smaller to fit your newborn from 2kg to 8kg. Our Petite is available with a loop and hook or snap closure.

  • Purchase inserts (sold separately) or our Absorbency Bundle insert/booster combo.
  • Our Fudgey Fitteds provide the same advantages as the Originals. They don’t incorporate PUL but consist of bamboo and hemp with three extra hemp layers in the wet zone, and include either a snap or pocket. Pair the Fitteds with our Pulovers day and night.
  • Fudgey Pulovers work perfectly with Fitteds − or as an all-in-two − with any of our stay-dry insertions.  The Pulovers are easy to wipe clean and suitable for toddlers up to about 16kg. 

You are the customer and use our products every day, which is why we welcome any feedback or suggestions. Stemming from feedback and demand, we recently introduced the Trimfit one-size-fits-most, with a larger weight range than the Originals and a trimmer fit. 

About Fudgey Pants

We are serious about fighting waste and taking care of the environment by reducing landfills, which is why we wanted to bring about change by inventing reusable cloth nappies and accessories. It’s important to us − and our planet − to convince consumers to do things differently. Contact us if you need more information about our reusable products.