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Cloth Nappy Inserts NZ

Use Our Cloth Nappy Inserts in NZ for a Good Night’s Sleep 

You need nothing more than our reusable boosters and cloth nappy inserts in NZ for a full night’s sleep for you and your little one. Doesn’t it just sound incredible? Yes, this is possible, with Fudgey Pants’ unique range of comfortable, environmentally friendly products.  

Key Questions to Ask Fudgey Pants About Hemp Inserts For Cloth Nappies 

Are you wondering why one would want to use hemp or an insert in a baby’s nappy? We have the answer to your question, and possibly others too.  

  • What is hemp, and why insert it into a baby nappy? Apart from being resistant to mould and absorbing water, hemp is durable and antimicrobial and prevents odour-causing bacteria from forming. It is also cool in warm weather.
  • What makes our Fudgey Overnights so special? Four layers of hemp, a top layer of micro suede, a comfortable fit, and the design being perfect for heavy wetters, certainly makes this nappy a must to have.
  • Can I customise a reusable nappy to my baby’s needs? You can, of course, combine our hemp inserts with bamboo nappy inserts, with a choice of different layers, if your baby gets wet often during the night, for example.  

We have considered the great qualities of hemp and bamboo, and with extensive development, incorporated them into our nappies to provide a high-quality end product. 

Related Products We Provide to Hemp Nappy Inserts 

Besides our inserts, boosters, and liners, we offer a range of other well-researched products for your family’s everyday needs. 

  • Our bamboo and organic cotton sleepwear and underwear have beautiful designs and are super comfortable.
  • For Mum, we have a range of reusable panty liners, sanitary pads, and breast pads with layers of bamboo and microfibre for absorbing moisture. 
  • Our small, medium, and large wet bags are popular with every member of the family, as one can use it for much more than clean or used nappies. The double pockets make it even smarter – store your cell phone safely while hiking or keep a small colouring book and crayons in it, to keep the little fingers busy in case you visit longer than you planned to.   

Also, take a look at our bundle packs, which contain a combination of products, such as reusable nappies and wet bags.  

Fast Facts About Hemp Nappy Boosters 

Did you know? One inserts a booster in a reusable nappy for extra absorbency, in other words, to sleep through the night. Boosters reach its full absorbency only once it has been washed about ten times. You can use vinegar or baking soda to keep boosters’ odours at bay. Most boosters are made from hemp and bamboo. Place the booster where you need the most absorbency, such as in front for boys, and the middle for girls. 

We have a product for your family’s needs. We appreciate hearing what you think of our products, so please give us feedback.  

Find us on Facebook if you’re losing sleep because your baby is always getting too wet at night. Call us today and start sleeping better tonight.