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Cloth Nappies NZ - The Ultimate Resource for Cloth Nappy Information

Experience the Benefits of Our Fun and Functional Cloth Nappies in NZ

Regardless of your initial reason for wanting to use cloth nappies in NZ, you’ll discover a wide range of benefits, including environmental friendliness and the soft feeling against your baby’s skin. At Fudgey Pants, our absorbent, reliable, and functional three-in-one cloth products are the result of careful design, development, and extensive testing. 

Our modern cloth nappies for NZ mums are high performing to suit every child and are ideal for overnight protection—you can increase the absorbency with additional inserts. We are passionate about making life easier for mums, which is why our nappies are suitable from birth through to potty training. 

Benefits of Using Cloth Nappies in New Zealand

There are numerous benefits of using our cloth nappies, including enjoying our extensive range of unique, fun, and fashionable prints. You can get a cute design that perfectly matches your child’s personality. Other advantages include:

  • Convenience. The modern design and thorough testing of our reusable nappies for NZ babies ensure that these options provide adequate protection without the constant threat of leakage. You will always have cloth nappies at home; unlike disposable products, there is no need to make any emergency trips to the store to purchase more when you get low on numbers. The adjustable features of the cloth nappy also guarantee that it will fit your child no matter how much they grow. You won’t end up investing in any unused nappies.
  • Skin and health. You can rest assured knowing that your baby has natural materials resting against their skin. Our nappy inserts are made from bamboo, hemp, and microfibre for increased absorbency and faster drying. There are no harsh chemicals or fragrances in our products, making them perfect for newborn babies and those with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Environmentally friendly. The waste from cloth nappies can be flushed down the toilet and treated appropriately, and in the process, you will prevent disposables from going into a landfill. While the initial cost of reusable nappies may seem more expensive, they will last until your child is toilet trained, making them a truly cost-effective alternative to disposables.

What You Can Expect from Fudgey Pants’ Reusable Cloth Nappies in NZ

We provide excellent customer service and quality products, which include the following.

  • Fudgey ORIGINALS: Designed to be a three-in-one solution for cloth nappies, this style is suitable for your child from newborn to when they are toilet trained. The cloth nappy features a soft micro-suede lining while the outer layer is a breathable and waterproof polyurethane-laminated polyester to fight leakage. You can easily insert your preferred absorbency layer from our selection of bamboo and hemp products.
  • Fudgey PETITES: Our smaller cloth nappy is ideal for babies between two and eight kilograms. This design has a double gusset to help prevent leaks, and the crossover front snaps allow you to get a snug fit even with smaller newborns.
  • Fudgey FITTEDS and PULOVERS: The FITTEDS design is the same as the ORIGINALS except without the waterproof outer layer, which you can easily cover with one of our stylish PULOVERS. Pair the PULOVER with our FITTEDS, or you use it with any of our absorbency inserts. These products give you the flexibility to choose your absorbency level depending on your child’s needs.

Why Trust Fudgey Pants Regarding Washable Nappies in NZ?

We are a New Zealand-owned company, and we proudly design our own products. Our stylish and functional nappies reflect a high-performing design with multifunctional, three-in-one features to get your baby from newborn to toilet training stages. Our products are the result of careful development and extensive testing to ensure a reliable and functional product. Contact us today to order premium, cost-effective reusable nappies.