About Us

Jessica and I developed our original 3'n'1 design on our eldest Archie in 2015, when we struggled with the absorbency required as he grew through specific stages and development we found that most nappies at the time wouldn't allow for the flexibility of adjusting the absorbency when he needed it.

Fudgey Pants formalised in 2017 in New Zealand, Fudgey Pants are fun, fresh and modern. Our products are 100% New Zealand owned and designed. We are deeply passionate about conserving our environment by reducing landfill and producing the best quality cloth nappies and accessories.

At Fudgey Pants we aim to be your total reusable nappy solution from birth to potty and beyond toilet training, bed wetting and much more!

We are continually refining and developing our products with my background in design and product development every nappy change is an opportunity to sight improvement tweaks.

Our flagship product the Fudgey Original 3'n'1 nappy includes built in absorbency with our moisture lock technology, with 3 layers of absorbency underneath the stay dry layer that draws the moisture and holds it away from your babies' bottom keeping them dryer for longer, which allowed our brand to raise to fame with our overnight options without the need for a dedicated night nappy, saving our customers money and keeping their beds dry!