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AIO REUSABLE CLOTH NAPPIES (All in one + Pocket Nappy)


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Regular price $9.25
Regular price $9.25
Regular price $13.25
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Regular price $13.25

Our premium ALL IN ONE reusable cloth nappies are a ONE SIZE FITS MOST which can fit the majority of all children from ages 0-4 years old with a wide weight range from approximately 3.5kg to 18kg.

We have created this reusable pocket cloth nappy as an AIO with our exclusive 3 layer absorbency draws moisture away quickly from underneath the microsuede stay dry layer keeping your baby comfortable and dry. 

This compares directly with other cloth nappies being sold with the outer and a standard 3 layer insert to ease your costs when starting on your cloth nappy journey!

This is the most basic level of absorbency and on average can hold up two hours absorbency perfect daytime nappies for newborn to 6 months old.

As with children being different absorbency levels required may differ if in doubt add more absorbency in the pocket.

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