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A Guide to Wet Bag Uses, Benefits, and More


A Guide to Wet Bag Uses, Benefits, and More

 If you're a mum, you already know how much waste your little bundle of joy can produce throughout the day. Unfortunately, most of this waste is due to nappy changes. 

With the average New Zealand baby contributing about 6000 disposable nappies to landfills in the first 2 years of life, many Kiwi mums are making the change to a more sustainable solution. Unfortunately, nappies aren't the only waste-producing part of changing time. Enter the wet bag. wet bag fudgey pants

On a mission to cut single-use bag usage, wet bags aren't just a solution for your cloth nappy needs anymore! With so many wet bag uses, these handly little reusable bags might be a mum's new best friend. 

Wondering if wet bags are a good option for you? Follow along to discover the many wet bag uses and the benefits of making this sustainable swap today. 

What Is a Wetbag?

First things first, let's tackle the purpose of these handly little pals. Wet bags were originally designed to hold soiled cloth nappies while families are out and about. Wet bag fabric is made to keep moisture contained so that you can carry your used nappies home without any messy worries or smells. 

As modern cloth nappies grow in popularity, we've seen these bags transform from designer bums regular wet bags to advanced double pocket wet bags. You can even get personalized wet bags to keep your belongings separate from everyone else at daycare. 

The reason wet bags have become such a hot item in the parenting world is that their environmental impact is inspirational. Here at Fudgey Pants, we use wet bag fabric made from recycled materials to support a circular economy and reduce the need for plastic production! 

This means that you're not only keeping plastics from heading to landfills but also preventing new ones from being made altogether.

What's more, is that mums and dads are getting more and more creative with their wet bag uses to ensure they get the most out of their reusable bags. Let's take a look at a few of the top ways to use your wet bag!

Wet Bag Uses

If you're wondering if wet bags are a good match for your family, the answer is almost always yes. However, if you aren't using cloth nappies yet or you don't change on the go often, you may be wondering what else you can put these puppies to work with. 

Here are the top wet bag uses to consider:

Makeup Bag

Just because you're a mum doesn't mean you don't deserve a little cosmetic indulgence. Whether you are on the go or looking for a way to organize your makeup and skincare at home, a wet bag can be a great solution.

These bags are far more affordable than makeup-specific bags and can help prevent spills and messes when travelling due to their moisture-catching material. 

Travel Toiletries

Not a makeup wearer? Use your wet bag to store shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other wet toiletries while you travel.

These bags are easy to grab and go, making them the perfect pairing for a camping shower bag!

Travel Laundry Bag

Keep your clean and dirty clothing separate by using your wet bag as a laundry bag on the go! Perfect for soiled kids clothes or general laundry while travelling. 

Larger wet bags with double pockets are fantastic for keeping your laundry organized for quick separation and washing too!

wet bags nz fudgey pants

Swimming or Beach Bag

Whether you're off to the pool or headed to the beach for a day of salty water and sand, your wet bag is the perfect partner to keep your swimsuits contained and your electronics safe from the elements. 

Use the double compartments of a zippered wet bag to separate phones and wet goods or keep it simple with personalised wet bags for each family member's belongings. 

Gym Clothes

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard-earned sweat on your gym clothes. Unfortunately, those sweaty clothes can make your gym bag, car, and anywhere else you keep them pretty smelly. 

To contain the moisture and sweat, pop your used gym clothing into a wet bag and continue on with confidence. 

Sustainable Ice Pack

Most ice packs are just plastic bags filled with ice or chemicals. If you're after a sustainable solution, turn to your wet bag for boo boo relief instead!

Fill up your water-resistant bag with ice and pop it on bumped knees, heads, or even around your drinks for a flexible ice pack. 

Feminine Products Bag

Nappies aren't the only single-use product crowding our landfills. If you're going waste-free with your period too, your wet bags will come in handy for those cloth pad and reusable underwear changes. 

Pump and Pump Parts

Tired of your pump leaking pent-up milk all over your nappy bag? Pop your pump and pump parts in a wet bag for easy transportation and mess-free storage.

Rubbish Bag

Whether you need somewhere to pack your wrappers away until you find a rubbish bin or one of your kids is feeling a little under the weather, wet bags make the perfect alternative to plastic waste bags. 

Because they are so easy to clean, you can use them for sick bags in the car, rubbish collectors, or whatever else floats your fancy!

Crafting Supplies

Tired of kid's paint ruining your drawers and staining your fabrics? Your wet bag fabric is built to stand the test! 

Pop your messy crafting supplies into a wet bag to keep everything organized and out of the way. 

Food and Snacks

Remember those sack lunch bags we used to take to school? Bring back the classic sack by packing your park snacks, juice boxes, and picnics into your wet bag to ensure nothing spills or splatters.

Papers and Books

The best wet bags don't just keep moisture in, they keep messes out too! 

If you've got important papers or school books to pack into your bag, pop them into a wet bag and keep them safe from other backpack contents!


Last but certainly not least - use your wet bags to keep cupboards, closets, and even camping gear organized. These little bags are the perfect partner for containing wet or dry items to ensure your home, nappy bag, and car always feel clean and sorted. 

The Perfect Wet Bag Uses for Every Family

Now that you know the top wet bag uses and benefits, you can make the most from your sustainable wet bag swap. From packing a daycare wet bag to keeping your sandy beach items in check, we're confident you'll love all the ways to use a wet bag. 

Ready to make the switch to high-quality, reusable wet bags? Shop our selection of beautiful wet bag designs today and put your new plastic-free partner to work!

By James Fletcher

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