Reusable Baby Wipes NZ

Our Reusable Baby Wipes in NZ Offer Super Soft Cleansing with Care

When you use Fudgey Pants super soft reusable baby wipes in NZ you will never need to waste ever again on baby products which you can only use once-off. Save your budget and reduce our waste in landfills. It is kind to you, our little ones and nature. 

What Sets Fudgey Pants Apart Regarding Reusable Nappy Wipes?

Even though sustainability is core to our business, we don’t compromise on care or comfort either. It is why we feel confident in bringing you only the best designs and innovations in NZ. All tried and tested before release.

  • Our team of devoted professionals has used an entire year to research the best possible reusable solutions and to deliver the most effective designs. We also tested them sufficiently before we introduced it into the market. 
  • Nature is a major partner in our business. Hence, we don’t only consider the impact of our products on the environment, but also tend to opt for natural fibres. For example, we use bamboo fibres for our soft and luxurious reusable baby wipes. These fibres are soft and super absorbent, leaving only freshness after one wipe. 
  • We also settled for savings. Our bamboo reusable baby wipes are about four times the size of your average disposable wipe. It means four times the comfort and cleanliness with zero of the wastage.

Natural care has never been as easy and affordable than with our natural solutions. 

What You Can Expect from Fudgey Pants Regarding Cloth Nappy Wipes

In the case of premium quality, super softness and extreme comfort and ease not being enough, you will also find the following benefits when you buy your nappy wipes from us.

  • We offer an effective payment solution on our bamboo nappy wipes. We have a lay-buy option offering six weeks of interest-free payments, or you can make use of AfterPay. Our AfterPay option allows for four fortnightly payments, also interest-free. These are reflecting our care for soon-to-be mums, spreading the financial impact of a newborn over a prolonged payment period. 
  • Clients simply adore the size of our reusable cloth wipes. Regardless of what you are using it for, a little bit of cloth can go a long way. Hence, we are not stingy and believe in this case, more is better. 
  • Our nappy wipes are super absorbent and one rinse in the morning keeps your cloth wipe moist and ready for any kind of clean-up challenges during the day. Cleaning up has never been so much enjoyed by little ones. 

Fun Facts About Fudgey Pants

We have been around since 2017 and are hands-on with all our products, and have the final say in all our designs. Even during collaborations with other creators, we won’t sign off if not entirely happy.

The prints on our flagship nappies are mostly for mum’s entertainment rather than baby’s.

Join us in the natural journey of baby care while caring for nature too, or give us your thoughts and let’s keep on improving together.