Reusable Breast Pads NZ

Find Soft, Comfortable Reusable Breast Pads in NZ

Now more than ever, we need to consider every action that we take and how it will impact the environment and the future of humanity. By choosing reusable breast pads in NZ, you choose high-quality products and remove the waste of disposable pads from the equation altogether.

What Sets Fudgey Pants Apart Regarding Washable Breast Pads in NZ?

You may think that because breastfeeding is a process that will end soon, using disposable breast pads won’t make a big impact on the environment. When you and a million other mums change your thinking, you will begin to powerfully prevent accumulating waste. Discover our difference:

  • Three layers of protection. When we designed our breast pads that are reusable in NZ, we had your comfort in mind. The inner layer is bamboo terry that is soft against your skin, followed by microfibre for moisture absorption, and, finally, a PUL liner to protect your clothes.
  • Customer engagement. We welcome your feedback as someone who uses these products every day—we want you to have the best quality options possible. We incorporate special designs to give our products a unique look and feel.
  • Range of products. We are a 100% New Zealand-owned company that wants our community and humankind to have access to products that benefit them and the Earth. We offer a complete range of the reusable bamboo and cotton products that you will need while caring for a little one.

It is our passion to provide new mums and dads with the peace of mind that as they care for their kids, they can live sustainably and contribute to a healthier planet—one reusable product at a time.

Related Products We Provide to Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads in NZ

Using disposable nappies adds a considerable amount of waste to the environment, not to mention adding to the costs involved for parents. We have a range of reusable products that you can use to take good care of your little one and the environment, including:

  • Fitted nappies. Reusable nappies have the unfair reputation of being a flimsy cloth. We have changed that stigma with our robust, fitted nappies and their funky, colourful designs. They look great and fit as well as a disposable nappy but are sturdier with studs and fabric that ensure added protection for your baby’s bum.
  • Bags. When you choose reusable nappies, they need to go somewhere, right? We have designed laundry bags that you can easily tuck away behind a door and out of sight. We have wet bags to match with two pockets so that used and fresh nappies don’t mix.
  • Sanitary pads. Once your baby is on formula and out of nappies, you can continue to do your part for the environment through reusable sanitary pads. If you think of how many of these items each woman uses in her lifetime, you will understand the impact that it will make when you switch to a washable alternative.

About Fudgey Pants

We understand that being a new parent means that there are many challenges and new experiences in store. We want to make it easier on your conscience and your lifestyle by giving you the best quality reusable products possible. We are known for our protective overnight nappies which may just change your mind about the power of reusable goods. Please get in touch if you need any more information regarding our products.