How much money can you save using Cloth Nappies in NZ?

The cost of disposable nappies and wipes versus reusable ones can vary widely depending on many factors like the brand for disposables, durability for reusables, how often you have to change them, etc. 
On average, branded disposable nappies can cost around NZD$0.50 each, and wipes can be around NZD$0.03 each. If a child goes through six nappies a day, that's NZD$3 per day or NZD$1,095 per year for nappies. If we add approximately four wipes per nappy change, an additional NZD$80 could be spent on wipes per year. Over the course of 2.5 years before a child is potty trained, that equates to around NZD$2,938 for disposable nappies and wipes.
In comparison, the startup cost for cloth nappies can range anywhere from NZD$300 to NZD$900 depending upon the brand and type you go with. This, overall, covers the use for the entire period until the child is potty trained. Reusable wipes can cost around NZD$20 to NZD$50 for a full set, which should also last for the entire period. Additionally, you will have to account for the cost of water, electricity, and detergent for washing the cloth nappies and wipes, which, while variable, could be estimated to around NZD$200-300 a year. 
Therefore, over 2.5 years, when including washing costs, you may spend anywhere from NZD$800 to NZD$1,400 on cloth nappies and reusable wipes.
So, the saving through using cloth nappies and reusable wipes instead of disposable ones could be around NZD$1,538 to NZD$2,138 over 2.5 years. This saving could be even higher if the cloth nappies and reusable wipes are used for a second child.
Remember, costs can differ greatly based on personal usage, brands, retail prices, and wash costs, so it could be more or less for you.