SAVE 20% - Cloth Nappy Starter 8 pack

With our Fudgey ORIGINALS you are getting 3 inserts with each nappy to ensure you can mix and match the absorbency required to get you through to toilet training.

  1. Three layers sewn in absorbency
  2. Small booster used for < 6mo
  3. Large insert can be used when increased absorbency is needed

The booster and insert can be snapped together as well as snapped into the shell to keep everything in place.

The Hemp/Bamboo inserts have two inner layers of bamboo covered by two outer layers of hemp a natural fibre option with more absorbency than the Bamboo/Microfiber

The Bamboo/Microfiber inserts have two inner layers of microfiber covered by two outer layers of bamboo a cheaper option slightly less abosorbent than above but very important inserts to have when you have a child that floods the nappies due to a fast release.

Choose your 8 nappy prints then choose your type of inserts you would like to add to your bundle to save 20% of the value of your bundle.

No further discounts apply.