ERIN SIMPSON - Dream Believer Nappy Shell 3'n'1 Pant

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Erin Simpson

I am Erin Simpson. Quintessential Kiwi girl, television presenter and artist.

My love for creating and designing comes from my vast experience as a TV personality and my extensive travels around my beautiful home country, New Zealand.

I discovered a love for drawing when I was very young, and art was a top subject throughout my school years. Today, drawing is what I do to calm my overactive mind and channel my thoughts into a creative outlet.

I am constantly inspired. I believe that if you’re always looking, ideas and inspiration will pop up and you have to put them to use!

Erin Simpson is a familiar name around New Zealand household, spending most of her life on our TV screens. Utilising her profile and combining a love of drawing, design and beautiful homeware, Erin expanded her brand into creating eye-catching artworks and designs.


Fudgey Pants nappy shells are designed in New Zealand.

Purchasing the shell only is a cost-effective way to keep all the latest designs in your stash if you already have enough inserts/boosters.

This is the most basic absorbency option and can be used on newborns. 

Design Features

  • Inbuilt absorbency
  • 3 in 1 allowing for use as an AIO, AI2 or pocket
  • Use from birth to potty (3kg - 16kg)
  • Double row of snaps 
  • Crossover front snaps allow a better fit for newborns
  • Insert locator snap 
  • Double gusset to help prevent leaks
  • Hip snaps to prevent 'wing droop'
  • Waterproof lining at the front allows tummies to stay dry
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) keeps wetness contained