SNAKER 0+ Bamboo Insert - 4 Layer


Our SNAKER Bamboo insert! Specifically for our Fudgey TRIMS.

It is a cross between a snake insert and an anchor insert, giving you 8 layers of bamboo terry absorbency where you need it. 

They have been designed to be thinner through the crotch for our most trim fit yet.

Fold in half or thirds adjustable length to the length of the nappy always leave a double 8 layer in the wet zone.

One Bamboo insert simplifies hanging, and speeds drying forget having to pair or match inserts.

Folding guidance:


Nappy Hack: Put the wide end into the pocket and to the back of the nappy, leave the front end of the insert outside the pocket and fold over the stay dry layer into the wet zone and you may only need to change the insert between changes depending on wetness.